Buy Cheap Facebook Likes?

Posted by Fans Reviews on February 7, 2014

Any simple search terms you can think of yields hundreds or perhaps even thousands of companies where you can buy Facebook likes on the cheap. Some of them offer what appear to be thousands of likes for what seems like just a few dollars. Is it worth your time to use these companies instead of the highest-rated companies, most of which are a fair bit more expensive? The answer is up to you. We don't recommend any one individual company over any others, we just compile this information in a usable form so you can make the best decision for your own business's needs. But here are some trends we've noticed from some of the cheaper companies.

You get what you pay for

We've learned, both through personal experience and tests, as well as messages from readers, that many of the companies that offer bargain-basement prices have some of the following things in common...

  • They deliver obviously fake likes. Some of them have a man's name and include a picture of a celebrity women or cartoon character. Some of them have zero friends and thousands of pages they've liked.
  • Some of these likes post nonsensical messages on your page's status and damage your brand with your existing visitors.
  • Most of the fans come in from countries such as India, Bhangladesh, and Pakistan and have no business liking a random small business in Texas, for example.
  • Facebook catches onto these fake profiles pretty quick and deletes and blocks them. What happens is that many pages get a number of fans quickly, and a month or two later the total is gone.
  • When there's a problem, there will be no customer service that responds to your questions, no phone number to call in an event of an emergency, no post-order support, and no money back guarantees to rely on. The companies that charge realistic prices are the ones who provide this.
  • Most of these cheaper companies are fly by night operations that set up shop somewhere, and are in the dead-pool 6 months later.

Measure, Test, And Review

The good thing about the internet is that you're not limited in what you can do. Please try out some of the cheaper companies and submit your review so others can benefit from your own experience. Measure and record your results, try and interact with them and ask them questions, try and engage the fans you get and see what kind of results you receive. This way, everybody can benefit and make sure that they get the best possible outcome on their own pages.

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