Create An Enemy

Posted by Fans Reviews on August 19, 2014

Many social media pages lack a central reason for existing outside of simply promoting the business that created the page. While there's nothing wrong with that per se, these bland pages don't create any brand advocates and disappear into the internet ether like an unattractive person on a dating site. Many posts on many social media pages are either bland status updates along the lines of "my business is great and oh please like my page, tell your friends, and buy my stuff, k thanks bye" or "here's a emotionally manipulative picture of a cute puppy. now buy my stuff". That really stinks and leaves users bored or even angry with your page. Most people just end up ignoring these types of bland pages. Even if you do some kind of advertising for your page and through throwing lots of resources into marketing and get lots of people to check your page out, you're never going to get the high levels of engagement that drive significant amount of new business through your doorway.

The better social media pages, who are likely staffed with some level of professional social media managers, provide some benefit or add value to the lives of the followers. They'll devote actual resources into researching some aspect of an industry and creating quality social media content that people are actually inspired by and want to share. Sadly, despite some efforts, most businesses never reach this level of consistent social media quality.

A higher level of social media than this actually has some kind of central purpose or message that energizes and motivates its members. I'm not talking about creating a cult, although Creed from the Office has certainly pointed out how profitable this can be. I'm talking about creating some sort of central purpose to your blog that focuses in on a message and brings in the kinds of customers you want to reach out to. One way to do this is to create an enemy and consistently focus on this enemy throughout your posts. If you hammer a message home repeatedly, it'll eventually sink in and become your calling card.

Don't Be Mean-Spirited Against Anybody

To be clear, creating an enemy doesn't mean that you should pick on somebody or personally attack somebody in any way. That's not cool and mean people totally suck. An enemy can be a concept or an idea. For instance, if you run a blog for a gym or personal trainer, you might want to consistently post about obesity as being an enemy and turn your focus on attacking negative personal habits and concepts that prevent people from taking steps to getting healthy. Strong language, even borderline militant calls to action in this regard can be inspiring and thought-provoking to people. There's a million and one health blogs out there, but focusing on an enemy and having a strong call to action can help truly inspire the people who see your page. They'll remember your page and actually get excited when they see your picture show up in their Newsfeed.

Sometimes Do The Hard Stuff, Not the Easy Things

Getting More Likes can be easy; it's getting real engagement and attention that's difficult. Any business out there can easily ask their friends and family members to like their pages, do some amount of Facebook marketing, and even buy Facebook likes to enhance their social proof and increase their numbers. But actually creating a thriving community and finding people who love your page and share your content with their friends is much more difficult. Creating the right enemy and focusing in a central theme and message can be a great long term social media strategy for your business that complements all of your efforts. As an added bonus, having a central theme provides a constraint that can make it even easier for you to come up with awesome post ideas. If you can create an enemy and show some passion about it, your social media presence can be dramatically improved.

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