Don't Ignore Pinterest

Posted by Fans Reviews on February 8, 2014

Pinterest is rapidly gaining new features, big brands are starting to use it to connect with new followers, and lots of people are becoming frequent and active users. It's a great hangout to share some of the coolest things that you see online and is becoming increasingly vital for any business to look into getting onboard. If you're not already on Pinterest, you should consider setting up a business page as soon as possible and getting started.

Pinterest is especially useful for businesses that are able to create high quality photos. Attention getting photos are valued very highly and rapidly get shared with new people. Pinterest has an extremely active and dedicated user base and is becoming one of the more interesting social networks out there. Instagram is also becoming increasingly important and widely used, but Pinterest has more of a cultural emphasis on finding the most interesting stuff online whereas Instagram is more of a social hangout. Both can be useful for building up your brand, but Pinterest is more in line with what most brands are looking for.

How to get ahead on Pinterest

The culture of Pinterest accepts that brands want to post there and people are eager to see new interesting products and services. Unlike the culture of Reddit, for example, active-users on Pinterest understand and accept that companies want to make money and are more likely to accept and share a promotional post. This makes it a natural fit for any company that wants to expand their reach to new people and wants to utilize viral effects. People like to see and really appreciate high-quality, well composed images. Given that Pinterest is a photo-sharing site, you need to put some real effort into creating quality content.

Getting more Pinterest likes and followers

The secret to getting more attention online is providing your potential visitors and customers with something that they value. Make sure you're selecting the very best pictures and products to post on Pinterest. Don't just throw any old link on the site in hopes of getting the tiniest bit of extra traffic or search engine juice.

Many times, shopping sites put up really low resolution images of the products in their online stores. If you plan on reusing some of these postage stamp-sized and low-quality images, think again. You absolutely must put some significant effort into the content you post on Pinterest. Low quality images will not win you any fans.

The future of Pinterest

Pinterest seems to have a very healthy future going forward. As soon as Pinterest releases a full-fledged API, marketers will be able to use it even easier to automate some of their cross-network content posting and you'll see them continue to grow faster. Pinterest has to balance this with their need to monetize their own network and prevent useless spam from dominating, but I have no doubt that they have a very healthy future going forward. Any business that isn't at least taking a serious look at Pinterest is missing out in the long run.

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