Don't Post Too Often

Posted by Fans Reviews on January 12, 2014

It takes some work to get more Facebook followers. You either have to do advertising or build up your content or cross-promote amongst your various media properties. However, you can lose them in an instant if you're aggravating and annoying your users. Posting low quality content and status updates can certainly do that to a page, but one big problem is posting too often. It's a good idea to always show respect for your users.

Have some self control

Particularly if this is your first time developing and growing a Facebook page, you're probably really excited about the possibilities and anxious to get going. In your exuberance to get things rolling, you're probably more likely than not to start posting a ton of status updates and questions to entertain and engage your visitors. This can be too much of a good thing - don't suffocate your users' news feed!

People might love a lot about what you post, but if they start seeing post after post very rapidly, it's easy to think that something is annoying. When you start posting large numbers of items in sequence, people might notice that you're posting a lot of low quality content. There are lots of great ideas for Facebook status updates to post, but you still have to properly write them down and present the information in a way that looks professional is thoroughly researched. I say this because it's very difficult to rapidly and continuously put out fresh new content at a pace that users would get annoyed at.

Keep JFK in mind

John F. Kennedy is famous for saying (and doing) many things, but one speech that sticks out in many peoples' mind is the "ask not what your country can do you for you, but what you can do for your country speech". In this case, ask what your social media page can do for your visitors, don't just ask what your visitors can do for you. Any bit of content you post should be designed to educate, inform, entertain, or provide some other value to the most important people in your business's life - the real and genuine fans. If you're having problems sticking to a reasonable schedule, there are a lot of software tools like BufferApp that can help you time your posts and spread them out in a schedule in a reasonable manner.

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