How to Get More Facebook Likes

Posted by Fans Reviews on February 9, 2014

Just about every business out there is desperate to get more Facebook fans on their page. In many respects, this has become the new form of SEO. Businesses are working on redesigning their websites, their brand, their advertising, and their content creation to direct and guide visitors to their social media pages in order to increase their like count. But many businesses are going about it the wrong way. For instance, sometimes the only thing brands do is buy some extra likes for their page. Getting more likes in this way is one part of a social media strategy. This boosts your social proof and gets you going quickly with a base of fans to boost your brand, but isn't the only thing you need to be doing.

What's the best path forward?

The best way to get more real Facebook likes and fans on your business page is to combine good advertising, which can include Facebook ads, search ads, display ads, and buying likes, with creating and posting quality content that people want to see. There are many varied reasons why people like Facebook pages. But all of these reasons boil to to somebody finding something that they value. They're not going to like your page just as a favor to you, but they will be more likely to like your page if they see something that entertains them, educates them, or inspires them. You can do this through lots of different types of content.

Some people might want to come to your page for pretty pictures. Some people might come to your page to get inside industry information or news about events, so they're hoping to learn. Some people just might be interested in catching news about your next sale or finding coupons, so they're hoping to see some of that. Still others might be interested in humor and jokes. Whatever the reason, people like pages for self-interested reasons and want to find things that benefit them. There's many millions of websites online. You have to give people a reason to want to visit yours, or they won't want to follow your page.

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