A Local Marketing Strategy: Hosting Events

Posted by Fans Reviews on February 18, 2014

A lot of small businesses don't have a significant amount of expertise with online marketing. So they just go off and buy some ads and don't end up with the kinds of locally targeted customers that they're looking for. But while they're fixated on the internet and looking to do everything online, they're ignoring one of their biggest potential assets in the battle to get local traffic and do some local link-building - their office space.

Hosting events and meetups

Every evening, usually sometime after 6 PM, most offices turn off the lights and head home. They pay thousands of dollars in rent for these large offices, but this space lays dormant every night. This is a waste of a major asset. You can use your empty conference rooms to hold events and meetups that provide a number of benefits to your own business.

  • Get local links - when you host a meetup or local event or party, you'll often get listed in local blogs, twitter accounts, Facebook posts, Craigslist event posting, and more. This is gold for most small businesses and what they work years to get.
  • Free recruitment - most businesses have to shell out a ton of cash to recruiters to find talented employees. For the cost of maybe some free pizza and a bottle of cola, you'll get your name right in front of the active members of the community and the types of employees you'll want to reach out to. Whose website do you think they'll think of checking out the next time they consider a career move?
  • Enhance your reputation - Most businesses don't like to put the effort into holding local events. If you're one of the few that puts this effort in, your own reputation will be improved and you'll be viewed of as a local thought leader.
  • Have fun and challenge yourself - It takes a lot of courage to get up in front of a group of smart people and speak about a topic, but humans grow by challenging themselves and pushing themselves beyond whatever limits they thought that they had. The fun you can have and the personal satisfaction you can gain from doing this can be immense.

Effort is rewarded

It takes some effort to come up with and organize a local event. You have to find and approach the right meetup group or local chamber of commerce that wants to hold a networking event and come up with something that would appeal to its membership. It takes effort to come up with an event and organize it and create the content that's necessary for it to be a success. And of course you'll be expected to provide some food and snacks and drinks so there is some cost involved with that. But this is definitely a strategy that you should try because this can have an amazing and positive effect on your business.

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