Use Social Media To Tell Your Business's Story

Posted by Fans Reviews on August 1, 2014

Due to their size and stature, many people might be not be super-impressed with the background story of a major international corporation. But people respect the hard-working small businesses out there. That's part of the traditional American dream and most people are interested and respect that. People understand that there are real human employees, not just corporate drones, who run these small businesses. So why not use social media to give people some real insight into you you, your employees, your compelling background story, and how your business got started?

Interesting Personal Stories Can Be Attention Getters

Most small businesses were built on a great deal of hard work during times of difficult personal life circumstances. Many business owners worked days on end to get their business off of the ground, while at the same time trying to juggle difficult personal circumstances (new relationships, moving to a new country, dealing with family illnesses, etc). Sometimes knowing these things can put a big human touch on your business, but often people never get exposed to these things. If you have an interesting story, you should use it to your advantage. Your tales of blood, sweat, and tears that are involved with this.

Use Your Facebook Cover Image

There's an old saying that a picture says 1,000 words. What is your picture saying? The Facebook cover image is a great potential place to tell your story and set the tone for your page. Unfortunately, many businesses are not using this valuable space effectively. Either they're not putting any effort into their Facebook cover image at all, or they're focusing on decorating the page rather than using it to accomplish a goal. If you're doing any kind of Facebook marketing, whether its Facebook ads or buying likes on Facebook, you owe it to your business to put forth the most effective page possible and use everything that you possibly have to your advantage.

Your Employees Are People Too

Social media is a great way to show the world how your operation works, and who some of the hard-working humans who support the operation actually are. Not only does this show off some loyalty that you have for your employees and show people how you value everybody, but it also puts a real human touch on your organization. If you run a restaurant for instance, sometimes customers might get upset and forget about their server's feelings and emotions. If you make a point of showing off their personality in some way (please no 15 pieces of flair) people will be much more likely to work in a respectful way with you even if there's a minor problem.

Your Story Can Help Sell

It makes sense to tell people your reasons for getting into business and some personal details. Reality TV is popular for a big reason - people like to see the real side of things. If you have a great story, don't be shy about getting it out there. It can help you out with customers, improve your conversion rate, and help give your online reputation a big boost as well.

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