Ways To Get More Facebook Likes

Posted by Fans Reviews on February 23, 2014

There are many notable Facebook marketing strategies that can help you get more likes on your page and bring you more potential customers. Virtually every business, both small and large alike, uses Facebook to communicate with their fans. If you pay attention to magazine or TV ads or look at the windows of stores as you're walking down Main street, you're more likely than not to notice businesses placing their Facebook URL or some "Like Us On Facebook" sticker on their window. It's that important to their overall success.

Ways that Companies Grow Their Page

There are many ways that companies are trying to grow their page.

  • Put Facebook Buttons on your site - You can ensure that visitors to your website see buttons and links that direct them to your social media pages. If you already have some of these buttons, as part of your social-media spring cleaning you should make sure that the buttons and links are working with the correct URL to the right page.
  • Post Great Content - Interesting and informative content is one of the main reasons that people like Facebook pages. If you have great content, you'll do well.
  • Hold An Event - Hosting a meetup or conference isn't only a great local link-building strategy, but it's also a way to enhance your reputation and get your name out there in the community. You'll have plenty of opportunity to ask more people to check out your Facebook page.
  • Facebook Advertising - There are some success stories with Facebook ads as well as some critics of Facebook ads. You shouldn't hesitate to try every potential strategy so you can learn what provides the best overall return on investment for you.
  • Contests - Various types of Facebook contests are a great way to rapidly get your name out there among the types of market influencers that you care about. Giving away a free iPhone or iPad might be a bit cliche though, so try and be a bit more creative than that.
  • Buy Facebook Fans - There are number of great companies where you can grow your Facebook page. The top 3 ranked companies for getting more Facebook likes are BuyLikesMedia.com, BoostFansNow.com, and GetPremiumFans.com, however, there are many other companies you can look into. If a company you've tried to use isn't listed here, please submit it to us.
  • Sales and Coupons - People like getting great deals and discounts on anything that they are interested in. Reward your followers and fans for their loyalty by regularly providing a heads up on future sales or give them special coupons and discounts.
  • ASK! - The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Simply asking your existing fans to share your content with their friends can have a positive effect.
  • Be Creative - Sometimes problems in your business can be an opportunity in disguise. Don't forget to be creative and try and use every incident or event as a learning experience to get better and potentially a marketing vehicle.

The importance of testing

Don't be cautious about trying multiple methods and strategies here. You'll never know what works best for you unless you try it out. But the important thing is to keep stats and analytics and measure what works best for you in a scientific manner. You won't know what will convert best if you don't measure, so this is an extremely vital step. But you'd be surprised how many companies ignore it.

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