Why do people like Facebook pages?

Posted by Fans Reviews on December 15, 2013

There are many ways to get more traction on Facebook and grow your page. Among other growth hacks, you can...

  • post great new content
  • put Facebook like buttons on your website
  • redesign your fanpage and put on a new Facebook cover
  • use email marketing
  • use Facebook ads
  • and even buy facebook fans

You can do all of this in varying degrees with a relatively small amount of effort. But you can maximize how effective all of these tactics are with a little understanding of psychology.

What are your users looking for?

You'll have difficulty trying to sell a car to a chubby guy going through a mid-life crisis by offering him the car with the highest safety rating rather than the sports car that's, to quote Spike "red, shiny, shaped like a penis". The car salesman has to offer people that stroll onto his lot what they're looking for or they'll bolt. Facebook works the same way. You need to offer people something that they value or they won't want to follow your page or like you.


A lot of this boils down to empathy. As a business, you're probably more used to extolling your own virtues in your advertising by proclaiming how you're the best and most user-friendly and least expensive company out there. Put yourself in your visitor's shoes. Would you want to subscribe to a Facebook page that was boring like this? Nope, it's not in your best interest to do so. You're more likely to become a fan of pages that educates you in some way, or entertains you, or informs you about a topic in a great way. It's easy to undertand that it takes a significant amount of effort to do things the right way like this, but the long term rewards can be significant. Advertising your page can be much more effective if you do this.

Find out what your visitors want

There are some types of social media posts that are nearly universal. Everybody loves to laugh. Funny pictures of cats are always popular, especially on Reddit. Everybody who has a particular hobby or interest loves finding out inside-information about it. Everybody loves saving money, so coupons are always big. Finding out news and information about fun new events always works. All of this is great, but if you're not engaging with your visitors to find out what they're really interested in and what they want to see from your page, you're going to be missing out.

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