Your 2014 Social Media Spring Cleaning

Posted by Fans Reviews on February 6, 2014

Outside of processing returns and handling lots of people coming in with gift cards, many retail outlets and consumer oriented businesses experience a bit of a slowdown after the Christmas gift-giving bonanza. If you're in this position, you can either use this time to gain more precious Reddit karma while you're killing time at work, get really good at Solitaire, or do a little social-media spring cleaning that will pay dividends down the road and could prevent disaster.

What should you do on the technology side?

Websites and businesses are very complicated beasts with lots of rapidly moving parts. You'd be surprised how often things break, processes break down, and things get lost in the hustle and bustle. Here are some things you should be examining regarding your website, for example.

  • Make sure the links from your social media pages are accurately pointing to your website with no redirects or anything being broken.
  • Make sure that links from your website to your social media pages aren't broken. You'd be surprised how often some obviously broken link is sitting on the footer of a small business website because something changed a few months ago and nobody bothered updating it.
  • ABT - always be testing. Check and make sure that your contact form has no bugs. Use your search forms and test out the add to cart functionality (if you have it) to make sure it works on all browsers (and mobile devices) with no bugs. You could be throwing money away by having broken features.
  • Make sure that your email addresses, contact information, and phone numbers are all up to date.
  • Page speed and performance. Fast websites rock, and slow websites annoy visitors almost as much as my dating profile. Unnecessary HTTP requests aren't ideal. Big pictures are good, but unnecessarily large images that are resized down This means more work for you, but better conversion rates and happiness for your visitors.

Social Media Content Checklist

Besides looking just at some of the technical aspects of your website, there's a lot you can check out with regards to your social media presence on the web.

  • Take a look at your post frequency. Are you posting often enough, posting too often to come up with great content, or posting just at the right amount?
  • Evaluate the quality of your content objectively. Are your status updates too self-promotional, or are they high quality jokes and informative content that people are liking and sharing with their friends?
  • Social media sites periodically change layouts and designs. Check that your process for posting photos isn't producing low-quality, distorted images.
  • Make sure prices, dates, and content is up to date. Is the 2013 model of a product featured in some section of your social media page rather than the newest version? Are prices accurate and up to date or have they changed in a year.
  • Evaluate how people are Tweeting towards you. A lot of active internet users like to try and tweet towards corporate Twitter accounts to try and get customer service and support. Is anybody monitoring that? Are you missing potential opportunities to serve your customers?

Evaluate your page and get ready

The time you spend working on some of the boring stuff now means that you'll spend less time suffering in a few months when you realize that your page was not only not operating at optimal levels, but was actually broken all along. Let's be honest, this work can be boring and time consuming and requires a careful eye for detail and even design sense but following these and other social media strategies for gaining more customers is something your competitors probably aren't doing so this can help you get ahead of them.

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